Digital Works by Leejay Abucayan



Desktop wallpaper created as a source of daily inspiration.

Illustrator • 2011


Character graphic for Girls' Princesses line, Fall 2012.

Disney Consumer Products • Illustrator • 2011


T-shirt design to celebrate the sold-out album party of emcee / spoken word artist, Dahlak.

Emcee / Spoken Word Artist • Photoshop • Illustrator • 2008

Delorean - Press Kit

Press kit to promote Norcal-based Back to the Future inspired hip-hop duo, Delorean.

Hip-Hop Duo • Photoshop • Illustrator • 2009

Education is Beautiful

Concept for higher education themed clothing line, Hella University. Model: Glenda Macatangay.

Hella University • Illustrator • 2008

Fairy Power

Editorial graphic using multiple icons for Girls' Fairies line, Fall 2012.

Disney Consumer Products • Illustrator • 2011

Gabe Bondoc

Various graphics for singer / songwriter, Gabe Bondoc.

Singer / Songwriter • Photoshop • Illustrator • 2008

Hannah Montana

Various graphics for Hannah Montana, Fall 2010.

Disney Consumer Products • Photoshop • Illustrator • 2009

Internet Tools

A resource disc for UC Davis students. They wanted a clean, tech-y look.

Information & Educational Technology • Photoshop • Illustrator • 2007


Various graphic treatments and visual directions for Jonas, Fall 2010.

Disney Consumer Products • Photoshop • Illustrator • 2009

Mac Dre

Vector illustration of late Bay Area rapper, Mac Dre, as a concept for Hella University. Thizzzz.

Hella University • Illustrator • 2007

Mickey Sunset

Vintage Mickey graphic for Disney Classics, Fall 2010.

Disney Consumer Products • Photoshop • Illustrator • 2009

My Tiara, My Rules

Graphic using multiple icons for "Bigger Picture" Girls' Princesses line, Fall 2012.

Disney Consumer Products • Illustrator • 2011

Ol' Blue Eyes

A poster honoring the longevity (and signature blue eyes) of Frank Sinatra's successful career.

School Assignment • Photoshop • Illustrator • 2007

Princesses Rule

Editorial graphic using multiple icons for Girls' Princesses line, Fall 2012.

Disney Consumer Products • Illustrator • 2011


Freak science experiment? Or cuddly cute friend? You decide. Inspired by Jenn Bautista.

Desktop Wallpaper • Illustrator • 2010

Sam Wilkes

Retro-inspired banner design for MySpace Music page of musician / producer, Sam Wilkes.

MySpace Banner • Photoshop • 2009


Manipulation of a photo I took from the Space Needle, playing with typography and tilt-shift.

Photography • Photoshop • 2011

Sharpay Evans

Harajuku Lovers inspired illustration of Sharpay Evans from High School Musical.

Disney Consumer Products • Illustrator • 2009


Loose-line style character graphic for Girls' Fairies line, Fall 2012.

Disney Consumer Products • Illustrator • 2011

SmartSite Icons

A set of graphical icons to promote the various features of SmartSite, a website for UC Davis students.

Information & Educational Technology • Illustrator • 2007

You Grow, Girl

Graphic using multiple icons for "Bigger Picture" Girls' Fairies line, Fall 2012.

Disney Consumer Products • Illustrator • 2011


13th Floor

If you look closely, there's a number 13, a letter F, and an elevator.

Advertising Agency • Illustrator • 2010

AJ Rafael

AJ wanted a colorful look with a retro rockstar feel. I thought the lightning bolt was a fun touch.

Singer / Songwriter • Illustrator • 2011

Cardiovascular Medical Associates

They wanted a younger, hipper look. I gave them a modern approach, bright colors, and a heart.

Medical Group • Illustrator • 2011


They wanted a classic, modern look. I gave them dark wood and an orange pop color.

Hot Sauce • Illustrator • 2011

Häuswork SF

Some European influence, a vinyl record, and a hammer.

Entertainment Company • Illustrator • 2009

Imagimedia Studios

A whimsical name deserves a whimsical look.

Media Production Company • Illustrator • 2010

A Marketing Giant

A company with a name like "A Marketing Giant" naturally calls for giant letters.

Advertising Agency • Illustrator • 2010

More Clicks Media

The word "click" automatically makes me think of a pointer cursor.

Advertising Agency • Illustrator • 2010

Parmesan Media

Logo inspired by... you guessed it... parmesan cheese packaging.

Media Production Company • Photoshop • Illustrator • 2007

Spring Trip

The theme was "iPod", so I found it appropriate to use fun and musical elements.

Youth Conference • Photoshop • 2008

Square Marden

Sharp edges and 90-degree angles for "Square" Marden. I thought a circle logo would be ironic/funny.

Media Production Company • Illustrator • 2011


Balikbayan: An Immigrant Story

A personal, interactive site exploring the immigration story of my family, as told by my father.

School Assignment • Photoshop • Flash • 2007


A Sacramento-based insurance company.

Insurance Company • Illustrator • HTML/CSS • 2010

Cardiovascular Medical Associates

A Downey-based medical group specializing in cardiovascular health.

Medical Group • Illustrator • Wordpress • HTML/CSS • 2011

Food Safety Music

A UC Davis food safety professor uses music to teach his lessons. Bright colors and a fun interface.

Professor / Musician • Photoshop • HTML/CSS • Flash • 2008 • VISIT SITE


The first and only social network for dentists.

Social Network • Illustrator • HTML/CSS • 2008

MAD Northwest

MAD stands for Music, Art, Dance, and this Seattle-based production company wants to promote it.

Media Production Company • Illustrator • Wordpress • HTML/CSS • 2010

Natomas Optometry

A Natomas-based optometry clinic.

Optometry Clinic • Illustrator • HTML/CSS • 2010 • Visit Site

PYC Retreat 2008

An annual weekend retreat for high school students, themed after Kanye West and a board game.

Youth Conference • Illustrator • HTML/CSS • 2008

Savory Foods

A holiday campaign selling an assortment of treats and gift baskets.

Email Campaign • Photoshop • HTML/CSS • 2009


A California-based insurance company.

Insurance Company • Illustrator • HTML/CSS • Drupal • 2010


Online order site for duct tape artist, young entrepreneur, and little sister, Leah Abucayan.

Duct Tape Artist • Illustrator • HTML/CSS • 2010 • Visit Site


Coke Zero

A young man uses his, err... my vocal abilities to lift the spirits of exhausted dancers.

Think Out Laud • Vocal Percussion / Beatboxing • 2010


15-second spot complete with cheesy jingle and sing-along lyrics.

Cost-U-Less • Motion • After Effects • 2010

Cyber Safety Basics

A video Podcast informing UC Davis how to stay secure in a cyber world.

Information & Educational Technology • Narration • Motion • After Effects • 2008

The Dock

Emotions unravel on a beach-side dock on a rainy day.

Square Marden • Motion • Concept • Editor • Premiere Pro • 2011

Don't Die Guy

An actor faces his most challenging role.

Square Marden • Motion • Concept • Editor • Background Talent • Premiere Pro • 2011


Hey. Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?

Remix • Editor • Final Cut Pro • 2009

Sour Patch Kids

First they're sour. Then they're sweet. Yup, that's me talking.

Ryactive • Voiceover • 2010

Thief in the Night

In the dead of night, a man realizes not all thievery involves jewels and casino heists.

Square Marden • Concept • Writer • Actor • 2010

Wonka's Rage

You get nothing! You lose! Good day, sir!

Remix • Editor • Final Cut Pro • 2008

Anything I haven't yet accomplished, I simply haven't wanted bad enough.

Here are a few things I can do for you. Anything not on the list yet, I can always learn if I need to.

  • Graphic Design

    Visual Treats

  • Website Design

    More Web Skills Than Spider-Man

  • Print

    Designs You Can Touch

  • Vector Illustration

    Pen Tool Champion

  • HTML / CSS

    Hand-Coding Ninja

  • Photo Manipulation

    Professional Face Swapper

  • Branding / Identity

    Pretty Logos and Stuff

  • Writing / Blogging

    Follow Me on Twitter, LOL

  • Art Direction

    Man Behind the Curtain

  • Typography

    No Comic Sans, Please

  • Content Management

    Wordpress, etc.

  • Audio Production

    Sonic Masterpieces

  • Video Editing

    Import > Slice > Export

  • Motion

    Lightweight After Effects

  • Voiceover

    "In a worrrrld..."

  • Vocal Percussion

    Human Beatbox

  • Food Adventures

    Fat Kid at Heart

  • Time Travel

    Great Scott!

  • Kicking Your Ass in Mortal Kombat 2 for Super NES

    Game Over, Buddy.

If you work really hard, and you're kind… amazing things will happen. -Conan O'Brien

Leejay Abucayan is a 24-year old UC Davis graduate currently living and freelancing in Sacramento, CA, who majored in Technocultural Studies with an emphasis in media production, and advanced coursework in Design. He is a media / graphic / web designer, a hard worker, a team player... blah blah blah. Leejay Abucayan doesn't do well speaking in the third person.

Hi there! Let me start over...

To create good quality work, I believe the effort involved is never exclusive to a job title. I constantly find myself going beyond what a position calls for. Therefore, although my formal title is a "media / graphic / web designer," I find it much more suitable to say I'm more or less an all-around creative professional.

I consider myself an Aspiring Everything-ist.

An EVERYTHING-IST because as a jack-of-all-trades, I love dipping my hands in many different creative mediums. Yet, always ASPIRING because as a jack-of-all-trades, I will never stop learning and growing. (Nor do I ever hope to.) One of my discoveries in my years of experience is that discomfort equals growth. By constantly challenging myself and always staying diversely active, I have grown, both as an artist and a human being, more than I ever could have imagined.

Comfort is the death of creativity.

To become comfortable in one's craft is to stop learning and growing. In the past few years, I have made it a point to push myself to take on projects, situations, and environments that initially make me uncomfortable, and I always end up much stronger, more knowledgable, and most importantly, having more life experience in the end. I believe that potential holds a greater value than being established. The opportunity for growth is where true creativity can flourish, and greatness can only be achieved by embracing the unconventional and pushing boundaries.

Let's be friends!

I am currently seeking a company, firm, agency, or creative group that I can be settled in, but at the same time, never fall into full comfort with. My dream company would challenge me everyday, with opportunities to work together, grow together, and improve and enhance each other's overall well-being.

Work hard, be kind...

Finally, I want to bookend my little blurb with my favorite Conan O'Brien quote, which has become my life mantra: "If you work really hard, and you're kind... amazing things will happen." So many amazing things have already happened in my humble 24 years on earth, and I am always grateful every waking day. I'm ready to continue my hustle, and bring my hard work (and kindness) to the next chapter.

I'm hungry. Hungry for a creative challenge. Hungry to learn. Hungry for growth. And ready to get my hands dirty. (But I never take myself too seriously.) Let's work — and play! — together.

...Let's make amazing things happen.